What’s unique about our Calculators?

  1. Calculate With a Different Unit for Each Variable: Now you can calculate the volume of a sphere with radius in inches and height in centimeters, and expect the calculated volume in cubic meters.
  2. Supports a Huge Collection of Measurements and Units: We support 100+ measurements like length, weight, area, acceleration, pressure, speed, time, etc and 1000s of units of measurement.
  3. Widest Coverage of Calculators and Growing: We currently support a huge number of calculators and adding more. Need a new calculator? Just let us know and we shall bring it for you ASAP.
  4. Learn Other Ways to Calculate the Same Output: There maybe more than one way to reach the output. Our generic calculator framework lists them for you. For example an area of a circle can be measured by its radius, diameter, perimeter, area of sector, etc.
  5. Know Other Calculators Using the Same Inputs: Our generic calculator framework identifies other calculators that use the same input. For example, radius can be used to calculate area of circle, perimeter of circle, volume of sphere, etc.
Chemistry (19)
Atomic structure
Equilibrium (31)
Chemical equilibrium (68)
Ionic equilibrium
Salt Hydrolysis
Solution and Colligative properties (15)
Chemical Engineering
Phase Equilibrium
Vapor Liquid Equilibrium (14)
Bridge and Suspension Cable
Number of Connectors in Bridges (18)
Building and Structures
Roof Live Loads (3)
Beams, Columns and Other Members Design Methods
Columns (6)
Ultimate Strength Design of Tension Reinforced Rectangular Beams (1)
Environmental Engineering
Flow velocity in straight sewers (8)
Hydraulics and Waterworks (5)
Equations Of Motion And Energy Equation
Impulse Momentum Equation And Its Applications
Liquids in Relative Equilibrium
Hydrology and Irrigation
Groundwater Hydrology (14)
Losses from Precipitation (5)
Runoff (13)
Runoff Volume
Streamflow Measurement (23)
Highway and road
Piles and Piling
Surveying Formulas
Measurement of Distance with Tapes (15)
Soil and Earthwork
Timber Engineering
Power Electronics
Controlled rectifiers (12)
DC Motor (20)
Transformer (37)
Microelectronic Circuits
Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)
Power System (41)
Fault (38)
Transmission Lines
Medium Transmission Lines
Electronics and Instrumentation
Electrical and Electronics Instrumentation (EEI)
Fluid Mechanics (125)
Hypersonic Flow (20)
Flat-Plate for Viscous flow case (15)
Production Engineering (10)
3-D Geometry
Coordinate Geometry
Geometry (106)
2D Geometry (21)
Circle (15)
Isosceles Trapezoid
Parallelogram (6)
Sides of rectangle (10)
Right Trapezoid
Square (2)
Triangle (12)
Trapezoid (1)
3D Geometry (4)
Area (3)
Circumscribed Solids
Inscribed solids