Environmental Engineering
Conveyance of Water
Stresses in Pipes
Design of a complete mix activated sludge reactor
Design of a Plastic Media Trickling Filter
Design of a Solid Bowl Centrifuge for Sludge Dewatering
Disposing of the sewage effluents
Distribution of Water
Pipe Hydraulics
Estimating the Peak Drainage Discharge
Flow velocity in straight sewers
Hydraulic Designs of Sewers and S. W. Drain Sections
Hydraulic Characteristics of Circular Sewers Sections
Circular Sewer Section Running Full
Proportionate Hydraulic Elements for Circular Sewers
Quality and characteristics of sewage
Surface Water Hydrology
Estimation of Maximum Rate of Runoff and Flood Discharge
Treatment of Sewage
Constant Velocity Horizontal Flow Grit Channels
Design of Parabolic Grit Chamber
Parabolic Grit Chamber
Design of Continuous Flow Type of Sedimentation Tank
Oxygen Requirement of the Aeration Tanks
Sludge Age
Theory of Type -1 Settling
Treatment of Water 1: Sedimentation
Water Demand and Quantity
Determination of Population For Inter Censal and Post Censal Years
Population Forecast
Water Resources : Ground Water
Determination of Aquifer Constant
Unsteady Flow
Well Hydraulics
Confined Aquifer
Unconfined Aquifer
Yield of an Open Well
Recuperation Test

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