Hydraulics and Waterworks
Arch Dams
Buttress Dams
Dams on Soft or Porous Foundations
Earth Dam
Equations Of Motion And Energy Equation
Flow in Open Channels
Geometrical Properties of Channel Section
Most Economical or Most Efficient Section of Channel
Uniform Flow in Channels
Flow Over Notches and Weirs
Flow Over a Rectangular Sharp-Crested Weir or Notch
Impact of Free Jets
Force Exerted by Fluid Jet on Moving Curved Vane
Jet Striking a Symmetrical Moving Curved Vane at the Centre
Force Exerted by Fluid Jet on Moving Flat Plate
Flat Plate Inclined at an Angle to the Jet
Force Exerted by Fluid Jet on Stationary Flat Plate
Torque Exerted on a Wheel with Radial Curved Vanes
Impulse Momentum Equation And Its Applications
Laminar Flow
Dash - Pot Mechanism
Laminar Flow Between Parallel Plates–Both Plates At Rest
Measurement of Viscosity—Viscometers
Steady Laminar Flow In Circular Pipes – Hagen Poiseuille Law
Darcy – Weisbach Equation
Liquids in Relative Equilibrium
Non-uniform Flow in Channels
Gradually Varied Flow
Surges in Open Channel Flow

List of Hydraulics and Waterworks Calculators

Hydraulics and Waterworks calculators give you a list of online Hydraulics and Waterworks calculators. A tool perform calculations on the concepts and applications for Hydraulics and Waterworks calculations.

These calculators will be useful for everyone and save time with the complex procedure involved to obtain the calculation results. You can also download, share as well as print the list of Hydraulics and Waterworks calculators with all the formulas.

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