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Machine Design
Design of IC Engine Components
Connecting Rod
Design of Centre Crankshaft
Centre Crankshaft at Angle of Maximum Torque
Bearings Reactions
Design of Crank Web
Centre Crankshaft at Top Dead Centre Position
Design of Side Crankshaft
Design of Side Crankshaft at Angle of Maximum Torque
Design of Side Crankshaft at Top Dead Centre Position
Design of Engine Valves
Design of Rocker Arm
Design of Forked End
Design of Valve Spring
Engine Cylinder
Design of Machine Elements
Desgin of Shafts
Design Against Fluctuating Load
Stress Concentration Factors
Design Against Static Load
Design of Curved Beams
Design of Belt Drives
Design of Brakes
Design of Chain Drives
Design of Cotter Joint
Design of Coupling
Design of Bushed-Pin flexible coupling
Design of Friction Clutches
Design of Helical Gears
Design of Knuckle Joint
Design of lever
Design of Pressure Vessels
Design of Rolling Contact Bearing
Design of Sliding Contact Bearing
Design of Springs
Helical Springs
Multi-Leaf Spring
Extra Full Length Leaves
Spiral Springs
Design of Spur Gear
Design of Threaded Fasteners
Power Screws
Trapezoidal Thread
Threaded Joints
Bolted Joints
Welded and Riveted Joints
Riveted Joints
Packing and seals

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